How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Business

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While COVID-19 impacted everybody in some way or another, we found ourselves amid the pandemic with a ray of hope that kept us motivated and wanting more. Our staff has been very cooperative and has worked with us under dire circumstances to ensure the company’s goals are met and its reputation is not harmed.

COVID-19 impact

When we worked remotely, our challenges were that we did not have immediate access to all the past files to refer to when someone called with questions or requested information. Unless there is another outbreak of COVID-19, we should be returning to a normal workload by resuming the normal way of working in no time. This will increase productivity and compensate for the loss in all these months. However, at this time, COVID-19 is not disrupting our business. We have kept our working hours the same. We take the necessary precautions and respect everyone’s decision to wear a mask.

Minor changes

We have seen a higher rate of video calls (Teams or Zoom) where before, it would have been in person or a traditional telephone conference call. We have got accustomed to these changes as these have helped us stay connected with our clients for the lack of better options. The good news is that we are working from our office space, so interested clients can visit us any time with a prior appointment. We have yet to implement a secure platform for sharing data. We generally do not deal with secure information. We have video conferences, and the application we use is Microsoft Teams. Currently, we have no restrictions on our office space. We do have sanitizer, wipes, and masks available for anyone who asks. We also have wipes and sanitizer in the office and frequently wipe surfaces between outside visitors.

Virtual public events

We would take part in virtual public events. We are virtual event producers, so we are very familiar with them. Since we work with events and produce content, most of our work slowed or stopped during the lockdown. We shifted to working in a virtual world. That shift was not hard as we had the technology to package and offer it to our clients.

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