Things To Know Before Starting Or Choosing A Career In Media/Content Creation

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The media and content creation industries are perfect for students and graduates who want the freedom to create and visually tell a story. These industries are fast-paced and always changing, so you’ll never get bored.

A media/content creator is someone who creates and posts written, audio, or visual content on a digital platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, or a blog. They can be working for a company or agency, freelancing, or doing their own thing (e.g., influencers).

As experts in the field, we at Communications Concepts, Inc want to help you understand the various things that go into starting a career in media/content creation so that you are better prepared before getting into the industry.

How to get started in content creation: what you need to know

You can become a successful media/content creator by starting with an area where you either have existing knowledge/expertise or an area where you can develop knowledge. If you lack experience, that’s okay. You can get started with a simple High School Diploma. After that, it will depend on hands-on experience and initiative. You can also choose to study online business courses, basic accounting, computer skills, etc., to boost your chances of getting a good job. The core requirement for this industry is understanding the technology, capturing the best shot on video or photo, and, most importantly, understanding the editing process.

It is more important to focus on your strengths. Creating content takes a lot of time and effort. If you create content that you enjoy on a topic you are passionate about, it will help you progress further. As a media/content creator, you always need to be learning. You must keep up with the changes in your niche, the platforms and companies you create content for, and what your audience wants to see. Being able to work well with others and communicate effectively are essential skills. Being flexible is also key since the industry is constantly changing, and last-minute changes are bound to happen.

As you progress along your career path and publish more work, you’ll begin to gain a reputation in your niche. If you learn more skills, your opportunities for growth will also increase. For example, understanding video capture and editing can lead to becoming a producer.

Every day can be different in this field. Each project is a different story, and how you present it to the client and the world is up to you. A downside to working in this industry is the hours. The hours are different from your usual nine-to-five job. When you start in this field, you may have to begin early, stay late, and work weekends and/or holidays. However, as you keep growing, you soon get the hang of it and even make your own working schedule based on your position.

The pay scale is based on the job you are doing. Some positions make more money than others. A large company pays $15-16 per hour for basic video production at the beginning.

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