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We are getting more and more last-minute orders for services. This could be driven by poor planning, but perhaps it is happening because we have been conditioned that everything is available on demand. Today you don’t have to tune in each week to watch a TV show or program, you can just watch it on-demand whenever you want. It is easy to order from a restaurant or grocery store and get it delivered right away. For that matter, shopping for anything has never been simpler and more immediate because placing the order is almost effortless for the buyer. Think about all the custom on-line services you can buy. For example, printers offer templates to upload your designs for everything from business cards to tee-shirts to exhibit booths and any of those can show up within days or sooner. According to the Harvard Business Review, more than 22 million buyers spent over $57 billion on On-Demand Services with the big players being marketplaces like Amazon and transportation services like Uber and Food and Grocery delivery. So why should everything be bought and sold on-demand?.

There are Pros and Cons with this on-demand purchasing approach for business services. Here are some examples:


  • Easy to order – Most on-demand services available right at the tip of your smartphone or computer.
  • The often broader range of vendors and services – You have a limited number of local vendors to choose from, but on-demand you can buy from a plethora of vendors around the globe.
  • Instant response and quick delivery – If the vendor has what you want you can order it and get the item or service right away.


  • Loss of control of quality – The first time your get to see the product fully is when it is delivered and by then you can either accept it or reject it. Often at this point, if you are under a deadline, you may have to accept it.
  • Less ability to get true customization – Most On-demand services push you into what they have and what they offer often with no ability to discuss your project with someone
  • Lack of hands-on customer service – Many On-demand services are managed by apps and websites making it hard to speak with anyone about your project.
  • Absence of collaborative buying experience – Buying many things is more than just buying the items. The purchasing process may need to be the point where the seller and buyer need to work together for the best result.
  • Possibly less choice – if you are buying on-demand for last-minute items you may be stuck with very limited choices