Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Media And Entertainment Producer

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Producing video content and live events is a creative skill, but creativity is not the only skill needed for a successful production. Not every producer or production company is the same. Depending upon your requirement, you need to finalize the one that caters to your requirements and works to execute your vision.

As experts in this field, we have listed down some suggestions to help you pick the right one for your project or organization. Take a look at the top five things to look for in a media and entertainment producer.

1. Experience
A video production company that has been around for many years is a good sign as it shows they have evolved and kept up with the latest technology and adapted to new trends to stay relevant. Finding a company or producer with experience producing projects on a similar topic or similar organization increases your chance of success. They may be able to show you examples of their previous work and which will help you and the producer better understand what you do and don’t want. It also may show that the production company understands your industry, which means less time will be required educating the producer about what is needed, and time can be focused on your story.

2. Communication and writing skills
Having all the latest gadgets and a super trendy demo reel is great, but if the production can’t tell you a story that is convincing, it won’t make a difference. Every viewer wants a good story. You need a writer that can tell your story so that it strikes a chord with your target audience. Written words are the starting point, and if the script doesn’t reflect the emotion, it is most likely that your message won’t come out on the screen as well, the way you want it to. Read testimonials carefully or ask for their script samples to ensure the production company can tell your story well.

3. Attention to detail
The smallest of details often makes the biggest difference in video production or live events. You want a producer that observes everything. They need to focus not just on shots with the subject but also on other factors like lights, colors, sound, and other such things. Attention to detail starts with production planning, selecting the location, and studio production all the way through editing and effects. Because the rest of the crew is led by the producer, the producer’s vision and attention to detail drive every aspect of the production and ensure an awesome-looking product.

4. On-time delivery within budget
Check the track record of the producer or the production and see if they provide timely delivery and are within your budget. You don’t want to and probably can’t accept late delivery or unexpected cost overruns. Typically, the road to on-time delivery starts with good production planning. Staying within budget requires producers to be creative to get the most out of all resources and develop contingency plans for the unexpected. At the same time, you need an experienced producer with solid problem-solving techniques to quickly find solutions to any last-minute issues.

5. Skills and equipment
It’s essential to choose a company that has the expertise and the needed equipment to make your project a success. It is often best to hire a company that owns its own gear and works with it regularly. Companies with in-house equipment know how to get the most out of their gear as opposed to companies that may be working with a bunch of rental gear they have never seen before. The combined experience of the crew and the quality of the gear will be seen by your audience.

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