Video in and at Tradeshows

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Tradeshow Video

We have all been at a tradeshow and seen the videos that are playing in many of the booths. So, when you read “tradeshow video” that is probably what comes to mind. While showing a presentation in your booth is a great application for video, producing videos at tradeshows is highly effective.

Capturing video at a tradeshow or conference allows you to extend your reach beyond the four walls of the show. This video allows you to share the excitement that happens at a live event with employees and clients that did not have the opportunity to attend.

There are several types of videos that can be produced:

  • Booth Tour Video- Show your clients who can’t be at the show, all of the great things happening there. Show your employees how you are marketing the goods and services they provide.
  • Capture On the Spot Testimonials- Capture endorsements from clients who are attending the show right on the spot while it is on the top of their minds.
  • Producer One on One Interviews- Interview your top executives, owners, stakeholders, sales, marketing, or communications personnel about the tradeshow. You may also want to interview and capture images of clients at the show that use your products.
  • Product Overviews or Introductions- Often you have your best people at a show to demo new products. Have these subject matter experts show and tell about all the cool features and how systems can help clients.
  • Product Announcements and Press Conferences- Most conferences feature exhibitor announcements and press events. There is nothing better than capturing these events in front of the cheers of the crowd during the setting of a live show.
  • Conference Follow-up Videos- Videos can be produced quickly and emailed to prospective clients or, can be uploaded to your website and social media channels and provide information about the conference to those who couldn’t be there.

CCI has been producing videos for clients about their presence at a tradeshow for many years. Most of our clients have us produce videos that combine many of the ideas mentioned above. Most videos usually consist of interviews conducted at the booth with various people from the company that are at the show. These interviews are then mixed with the footage we capture at the show of the booth, events that occur at the booth or any big announcements made during the tradeshow. The final video typically tells the story of what went on at the show in about 3 or 4 minutes.

To keep travel and hotel costs for the video crew down, it is good to reserve the dates with crew as soon as your company’s show reservation is firm. Then the actual planning for the tradeshow video should start 30 to 60 days before the show. CCI works with an employee or point of contact who knows the tradeshow schedule, what is new, and the people who are attending, so we can get on their calendar without missing any events.

Based on the client's input and story they want to be told, CCI often sends a 3 person camera crew (producer, camera operator, camera assistant) to cover the show. Many times we can capture everything that is needed in 1 to 2 days. The producer makes sure the crew captures everything needed at the booth as efficiently as possible including the booth in general, a new pieces of equipment, interviews and special announcements. It is best to schedule the interviews in advance as everyone gets busy at the show. Outlining a list of questions to be asked also helps make sure that everything gets covered.

Some examples of common questions are

  • What is new at this years’ show?
  • Why is it important to have your company exhibit at the show?
  • What is it like to be at the show? This is a great question for a first time attendee.

Once the video has been edited and the client approves it video is ready for its audience. The video can be placed on the company website or social media for the general public. If they have an intranet (an internal-only site) it can be put there and all of the employees can view it.

These types of videos not only generate business and new customers but also help retain employees and recruiting efforts. We have many clients tell us that their employees appreciate the tradeshow video because it gives them the opportunity to see what other divisions of the company are doing and how important their job is to the clients, they serve but rarely get the chance to meet. If you are interested in having a video produced about a tradeshow you plan to exhibit, contact us at