A Beginner’s Guide To Capturing Superior Content With Just A Cell Phone

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Since silent films and reel cameras, photography and video production have come a long way. We now have video cameras that shoot in 4K, with insane amounts of clarity and vibrance. We also always have on our person a smartphone with the ability to take some pretty decent images and shoot good videos.

To help you capture some pretty amazing footage using the camera on your smartphone, Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI) has put together a Beginner’s Guide to smartphone photos and videography. Through this guide, we aim to show you what is possible and how to go about setting up your equipment to get the most out of your smartphone camera.

Getting started

Consider your options: First off, we suggest you consider your options for the shoot. Do you want to risk DIY video production and photography solutions for a crucial project, and do you have the right equipment? You see, while your smartphone can record video and audio and take photos, it greatly helps if you have an external microphone, the proper lighting, and maybe a tripod or gimbal for your camera to ensure a level and stable video. Using an external microphone (not the one on the phone) ensures sound will be clearer and not sound far away. Supplemental lighting will help brighten the scene, especially if it is a person standing in front of the camera.

Next step

Get the equipment ready before shooting: For example, make sure batteries are charged or new, and make sure you have enough storage (internal or external) for the footage. Set up light and possibly take a few practice shots to ensure you have everything calibrated correctly and are ready to shoot.

Advice From The Pros

Try to shoot the video with the phone horizontally so you fill the screen and be prepared for the unexpected. If it is not correct the first time, most things can be recaptured. Have fun creating the video. Take your time, and remember to back up the footage in at least one other location. Finally, we suggest you make a checklist of what to bring and check it before the shoot and when the shoot is over. You don’t want to lose or misplace something.

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