How Mark Cuban Pioneered The Media, Entertainment And Technology Industry

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Mark Cuban was one of the founders of, one of the first companies to live stream content over the internet. As such, Mark laid the groundwork for all the live-streaming and virtual events produced today. This was before there was YouTube or Zoom. Cuban says he did this because he wanted to listen to the basketball games of his alma mater, Indiana University. His company grew from mainly live-streaming sporting events on the internet to carrying several high-profile events, including U.S. presidential nominating conventions. During this time, COMMUNICATIONS CONCEPTS, INC. (CCI) worked with Mark when they hired to distribute live coverage of an Atlas rocket launch. This coverage became the first rocket launch live-streamed on the internet. In 1999, Mark sold to Yahoo for $5.7 billion, and the service became Yahoo Broadcast.

While Cuban had success with and the subsequent IPO and sale to Yahoo, Yahoo was not so fortunate and shut down the service three years later. Some say Yahoo! ’s purchase of was one of the worst Internet acquisitions at the time.

I have been impressed with Mark since I first talked to him by phone. His company, HDNet, now AXS TV, hired us to help cover the space shuttle program, and he was always open to ideas. Mark doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks it. Here are the five pieces of business advice Mark has given many times:

  1. Be financially minded and only spend money on things you need.
  2. Be Empathetic and always put yourself in your customer’s shoes.
  3. Learn and know the technology impacting your industry.
  4. Make Your Job Easy and
  5. Be nice!

We hired Mark’s company as our CDN or Content Distribution Network to stream live rocket launch broadcasts we produced. Mark Cuban’s TV network, HDNet, hired us to help produce live coverage of Space Shuttle launches. Someone else would have pioneered streaming video live on the internet, but Mark Cuban’s company did first.

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