Don’t Let Your Holiday Memories Fade Away

Author: Jim Lewis |

Don’t Let Your Holiday Memories Fade Away.jpg

Do you have pictures from Christmas past? Videos of your kids when they were small? How about old photos of parents or even grandparents? Where are these valuable memories right now? If you are like most people, their valuable images are probably packed in a box somewhere stored away. And that box of precious memories may be stored in a garage, attic or shed where they are exposed to heat, cold and humidity.

Did you know film and videotape do not age well? Prints, slides, and negatives are subject to never-ending color shifting, fading, dust, and other environmental damage. The same is true for motion picture film. Plus, old movie film becomes brittle and the sprocket holes and the film itself often breaks and cracks when played back way later. Old videotapes are even worse, as eventually, the metal oxide fakes of the mylar tape and images are lost and the tape may even become unplayable. On top of this, unless you have prints, it is difficult these days to find a working slide projector, film projector or one of the many formats of video tape players.

So, the number one way to prevent losing all those various forms of media is to digitize them while you still can. Digi-tizing is the number one way to preserve these family memories or corporate history. Plus, it is now common to access a variety of available software and/or services to help correct many of the flaws in these old images. Another big advantage of digitizing your movies and still photos is that it makes it easier to share these memories with family and friends. The digitized image files can be kept on your computer and can be accessed with a click of your mouse button. You can share these images by email, post them on social media and websites or save them to a portable USB drive or store and share them on the Cloud. And your digitized images can easily be shown to large groups on today’s Smart TVs and video projectors.Just think, how long would it take you to find a photo, if you have to dig through boxes in your closet, attic or basement and then what would you have to do to share or show it?

If you have a lot of photos and media, there are also library programs and applications available to help you organize your files. Some programs even offer facial recognition and you can actually sort pictures by peoples’ names and faces. There is also peace of mind knowing your valuable memories are secure. You can back up your files on an external drive or cloud storage. No worries about losing your only copy of a photo to fire, hurricane, flood or other unexpected disasters.

Communications Concepts, Inc. offers personal service and attention when digitizing your precious materials. At CCI a person actually, monitors the transfer process and checks the files captured assuring you the best quality possible.

Don’t Let Your Holiday Memories Fade Away